Ikenna Mirembe has specialised in Product Design for the past three years working on various Design challenges through his personal brand IKENAA in addition to completing his Master degree in Design Management and Cultures at the University of the Arts London. He initially embarked on a master course as he firmly believes that the role of Design is one that is continually changing. In addition, he also believes that a lot of emerging/established companies need to revaluate how they view Design in order to stay competitive. 


Ikenna also considers that Design needs to be considered as a strategy based on the Danish Design ladder in the age of service economy. How can Design be utilised in creating a unique experience for each user?  This is a question every company needs to be asking themselves about the product and/or service they are offering.


Ikenna's role as a Designer is to identify the WHY's through various research methods, processes and consumer behaviours in order to better inform company's and provide them with greater insight on the direction the company should be considering. Especially as consumers are now exposed to a variety of similar brands who are offering the same services. It is Ikenna's professional opinion that Brand loyalty can be achieved when a brand can create an experience that can not be duplicated by its competitors which is only achieved through an in-depth understanding of the consumer. 


Ikenna is currently looking for a permanent role within a company based in London who shares the same values and ethos. Providing him with the autonomy to follows his intuition which has been refined over the last five years through travels and working with various companies both within the UK and Europe.

Ikenna Mirembe