Ikenna Mirembe is a Designer based in London and has been solving complex problems for world-renowned brands to deliver a unique experience to their consumer. Some of the companies included VISA, TATE and Design Council. 
Having worked with a few brands over the years, he created a personal brand to have more control over his design process and have the freedom to work with brands that are looking to impact the world positively.
Currently researching and publishing a weekly blog exploring the future of learning and the business of education. UK Education as a system has stayed the same for the past century and needs to be upgraded systematically to incorporate the advancement in information technology. Focusing on equipping students with the right skills through personalised learning to reach their full potential. The insights generated through his research will provide educational institutes or companies focused on the future of learning strategic advantage on how to deliver personalised learning to their consumer in the future. 

His role as a Designer is to identify WHY's through design thinking. Today's consumers are exposed to an array of brands offering similar services, which make branding an essential part of any business strategy. By design, a personalised experience can be added to the user journey to trigger a more memorable experience.
Ikenna is interested in collaborating with brands on social design issues, especially in the learning and education space.

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Ikenna Mirembe