From the interviews carried out at the discovery stage here are the common themes identified across all sectors that are having an impact on soft skills as students progress from childhood, but more specifically how it is affecting their relationship with the education system.  

There needs to be a higher purpose beyond achieving good grades and getting a job, students are now exposed​ to the issues that are happening on a global scale and are developing sympathy and taking a more active role especially in the issues surrounding the preservation of the planet.

How are schools teaching them to harness and understand their emotion and channelling it to create positivity around their local communities which the education system as the catalyst?

The education system is currently very rigid in comparison to other sectors and institution in regards to reacting to current and world affairs. With the constant flow of information not dealt with in school at an adequate level it places the onus on the parent and base on my observation with the youth club the kids that live in the deprived areas have a different sense of community in comprising to the kids form more affluent backgrounds who are able to have these conversations with their parents.


As we are a product of our environment, how do we create an environment that facilities learning and enriches our imagination?​ An example is the Tate Gallery where students are able to play and learn in an open environment.

The current layout at the majority of state school classroom consists of chairs and desk, and this has been utilised for the past century, learning has progressed from the teachers being the only source of information to an environment that encourages participatory style learning and open-source knowledge. Environments that facilitates the gathering and exploration of ideas both individually and collaboratively should be the primary objectives in the developments of a new education system.

Community centres
Public buildings
Open plan

Information is readily available and the constant stream of information has led us to build machines that are amplifying our narcissistic tendencies in search off likes and views to feel a sense of gratitude or achievement without doing any real work.

Positives can be found in the ability to connect with relatives around the world in an instant, but the overuse of such platforms beyond connecting with family and friends can lead to the creation of an echo chamber, a resonance of ones believes which makes it difficult to see the other side of the story in most cases. We now live in a world where we are more concerned with the broader issues that are published through media than paying attention to our neighbours needs next door.

Eco chamber
Online bulling
Screen time
Pop culture

The term soft skills can be viewed as a comprehensive term a stated by one of my interviewers and it was difficult to choose which set of soft skills where relevant to introduce into schools as the main focus.

Examining the education system, which is influenced by the skills required at the workplace and the economic prosperity of a country and being able to compete on a global scale. With the rise in globalisation and more graduates that are left unemployed, what new metrics can be made widely available to distinguish the right candidate for the appropriate role while creating an equal ground for the kids from the less deprived neighbourhood.

In a data-driven world, why hasn't the education system adopted some of the methods used by the corporate world to document and recruit the right candidates through psychometric assessments, this can help students develop and refine areas of deficency.

Conflict resolution
Emotional vocabulary
Emotional compass

Mapping Out

At the current stage of the research on the developments of soft skills in education, the most influential stakeholders in young students life are their Parents, Teachers and the environment (environment will be broken down into two parts, the offline and online environment). 

These four spaces will be used as an axis to plot the insight gained through the discovery process to identify an area that provides the best opportunity to deliver on the aims and objectives of the research.