The first batch of interviews will be to understand the value of soft skills through an examination of the different stakeholders I have identified within a students life. Are soft skills undervalued by the current education system in the United Kingdom? 

  • Gallery/Museums

    Public institution that have been created to preserve culture and educate the next generation through inspiration. Which soft skills can be transferred through engagement with such institution in a young persons life from an early age.

  • Higher Education

    The mechanical nature of the education system focuses on the logical faculty of the human brain, this can be seen through the emphasis on EBacc and STEM subjects. What is the role of soft skills in such a system.

  • School Enviroment

    What is the value of soft skills in the school environment and what are schools doing to make sure that students are provided with enough information to educate them on soft skills in comparison to hard skills.

  • Workplace Environment

    The introduction of the internet has accelerated rapid changes and the skills that are relevant today may not exist in the next 5 - 10 years. With the acquisition of soft skills one can be prepared for the unknown changes that are likely to occur in the future.

  • Youth Centre

    Plays an essential role in the lives of the youth who do not seem to fit into any social groups or institution. A place they can create an identity. What is their attitude towards their future and how do we instil soft skills into their lives.