In 2016 in search of a new company that will become a household name amongst fashion brands KingznQueenz was created. While at the University of Wolverhampton Saboath was looking for a local brand that would be symbolic of his African roots, rich and diverse in culture with an emphasis on good design but wasn’t able to identify such a brand which lead him to start a company that will enable him to have a diverse range of brands with an overlapping value of quality and rebellion. 

The company first launched a fragrance with a rich, wild and natural smooth aroma that looks to engage with the inner wild nature of humankind. There was an initial struggle with sales due to the uniqueness of the scent, through market research realized the consumers had a strong emotional connection with particular fragrances which created brand loyalty and found it difficult switching to a new brand.


Over the next two years, two more brands were developed and launched by KingznQueenz, a smartwear brand titled Kingzsoles and streetwear brand. With the growing economy in West Midland due to the development of the Grand Central station in Birmingham, this created an influx of people migrating to the Midland in search for job opportunities with cheaper housing and the number of Universities across the region also created a lot of consumers whom can all become potential consumers of this new and emerging brand that not only represented the midland but has a strong link to Africa.


The name King and Queen is a symbol for royalty in the circular world. The combination of the two words creates a prestigious society in the consumer’s mind.  Self-actualization lets the consumer develop an aptitude to become a beacon of hope and inspiration to the society.


The colors used to represent the brand are Black and Gold. The black represents a rebellious inner side in every living human to sometimes do things that go against the system, exhibit radical behaviors like getting a tattoo, the shaving of the hair or other ways of expression. When paired with the Gold color,  gold has earned a high value in today’s society as a standard for quality. These two colors combined create the values of rebellion and quality two values that can be associated with millennial. 

These values are communicated across to the consumers through different avenues. The streetwear will focus on targeting consumer that identifies with the rebellious side which is synonymous with teenagers and young adults while providing the alternative of smartwear which focuses on quality and class for those special occasions. 


The company has chosen foreign manufacture to cut down the cost of production and broaden the number of materials and manufacturing process that are available which provides room for experimentation and innovation.

Due to the location of the brand in Midland  and  it past  to  manufacturing the future of the brand is to have a factory that is located in the Midland where all the manufacturing will take place and a physical location that allows the consumers of the brand to build a stronger connection with the brand.

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