Travelling is an essential part of human evolution, we migrate we settle we conquer. This has been the blueprint for many great dynasties over centuries. 

when travelling don’t be a tourist, become an explorer study your location make friends with the locals and ask questions about where you are. 

Capturing your travels will allow you to have a visual reference of places you have been to and after a while, you will begin to notice trend and pattern, through your discoveries. 

You start to look at similar themes and designs and get drawn to particular Architectural structures, Food, Scenery... Go out there and be the first amongst peers to discover and explore new places.

Sometimes during your travels, you will be placed in challenging situations that will make you question your beliefs and morals, use these opportunities to learn something new and fresh. 

When was the last time you did something new?

“study of Melanin” is a self-titled project which aims to capture the different skin tone, determined by the ratio of melanin present in the skin.  As a result of evolution, our skin has adapted in order to protect itself from adverse UV exposure. 

During the course of the portrait study, individual who self-identifies as “Black” will be photographed and will form part of the project.

There is a mass propaganda from the western world about what the standard for beauty and aesthetics is. 

Society has been brainwashed into looking down and seeing the darkness of the skin as a disadvantage. This ideology will be challenged through the photographs collected.