Every day as we live our lives, we encounter new and exciting experiences but having the ability to sit down and reflect on our daily experience, is becoming more difficult in today's society. 

We are slowly reprogramming the brain to a state that requires a constant stream of information being fed to keep it occupied, only switching off when asleep. 

When do you have time to relax? Reflect on actions and decision made daily. 

Tranquillity is achieved when you allow your brain to wander and do whatever it wants, don’t feed it any new information, only ask it question based on what it presents to you and if you can answer these questions honestly. You will set yourself free.

February 8, 2018

I’m tired, the chore of wearing this mask everyday is waining on me. How much further do I have to go before I no longer require this mask? When do I get to be ME, what does it even mean to be ME. As...

February 8, 2018

We as a people think we’re living in an age where technology is at its peak, but however, we fail to realise is that those people in the 2000’s thought the same things about Walkmans. That leaves me t...

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