October 1, 2018


Until the start of this year, my life has been on autopilot. This year I will genuinely say I took full control of everything I have done all the necessary training some of them I passed with flying colours well other done enough that I was awarded a pass, not really fussed my attention was split between so many things, so it was likely that I was going to be average at somethings. The journey is not as difficult as it seems if you enjoy every moment of it.


I recently got a text from a friend of mine about how I’m a terrible friend. I took a minute to pause and think about it, is that possible that my actions which are in my best interest can be interpreted that way. Two or three years have gone by to me, it feels like a moment in time I have been working so much I got tunnel vision this had a ripple effect on those around me. Once upon a time we where strangers, our paths aligned and we created beautiful memories too many to remember but the journey hasn’t stopped, we both went our separate ways all that is left is the memories of the good times we had wishing we should go back and relive some things twice.


We have gone back to being strangers again, for a brief moment in time we shared a bond closer than family. Is that bond broken? Should we even think about it in such a way I can still feel you when I think about it a smile peaks through even though there’s a vast distance between us. We sat down many occasion when we where still teenagers planning ways to our desired mountain top promising to wait for the other person so we could both enjoy the view at the top, we have a strong belief in each other knowing quite well either of us will wait at the finish line regardless of who crosses first.


We caused chaos whenever we were together I destroyed you fixed it you destroyed I fixed it. I always thought it was pride that kept us from staying in contact but as I'm climbing my mountain at my current altitude it needs my full attention cause right now falling is not an option and lack of focus is not a relevant excuse if I was to fail the task at hand. I can finally see the end in sight the path is becoming a lot clearer the peak is within a moment reach. I hope you can say the same about your adventures. You have my full support it’s easily said but a moment can last a lifetime five years or 6 weeks nevertheless it's always worth it. 

Until next time we meet again an abundance of joy and love I wish upon you.



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