October 15, 2018

Is Anger a good or bad thing and why do we get to a point where we lose control of our actions. We all get angry from time to time and sometimes for the slightest things. Things that should cause me anger surprisingly I will ignore it cause to me its never that serious, life will test you in ways unimaginable and keeping your cool is something that I have grown to appreciate more.


Can actions driven by Anger be justifiable? If when level head you wouldn’t carry out the same steps. Habit plays a significant role as some of us are fortunate to have developed a very high tolerance through various encounters in life-giving one the ability to adjust the sensation and stay calm. Through practice over the years it becomes easier.

Staying calm or acting on impulse has its perks. The physical display of emotion can arguably be seen a sign that someone has a strong passion and isn't afraid to show it.                                                                                                                                                                                          


Life works best when things are balanced if you tend to ignore things or wear your heart on your sleeve, the judgement of what action to take rest entirely on the individual shoulder. The argument about the action carried out at that moment if appropriate is something that's always an afterthought when reacting on impulse. Life comes at you fast and that pause and think before you act isn't always an option.


For you to be effective there are certain things which are essential: one you must first learn the rules, when you do so you also pick up a way of breaking the rules in a beautiful way and to your advantage, Anger is an essential tool to have in your arsenal and under control if applied at the right situations its a tool that can be used to communicate with intent. 



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