Hi Stranger

November 12, 2018

My life is a lie, a window to my soul, a lesson for our souls. My life is a lie. So much money in this world, not enough love to use it all. 

My life is a lie. I chased your opinions as though it was my oxygen. I chased your love as though it was my blood. My life is a lie.

I’ve lived and I’ve hated. Egotistical sensations rushed through my veins as I dreamt of vengeance. The very poison that ate me up till I realised…. my life is a lie. 


A stranger to yourself in the den of wolves, no lions appear to save you. The wolves all sit at the same table.


A stranger to yourself, you once knew love, you one knew trust, now the mirror is shattered like your dreams.


A stranger to yourself, where did love go? Where did you go? You went after Hugo, boss kicks and capes without heroes. You went after whatever fed your ego.


Where did the love go ?


So much emotions spilled into these oceans of tears. Now, all I’m left with is hatred and fear. My life is a lie.


I said I wanted my watch back but all I really want now is the time when I truly loved, the time when I had a soul. The time when money was but a means to buy sweets but not the be all and end all. 


I never noticed how sweet life was without this paper chase. I never noticed how sweet life was without the inner desire to please you or them. I never realised. 


My life is a lie. My heart is broken… I hope there’s something inside…maybe a new heart…maybe a new soul. My life is a lie.


God…are you there? Anyone? I don’t know where I am….I don’t know who I am…. I’m broken. My life is a lie…..self love was the way….I chose the world…. you were made in his image… love yourself…..but I chose the world …… my life is a lie…..choose yourself…..

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