November 26, 2018


I sacrificed who I was just to put a little bread on the table


Now I realise that all these tales of love and victory were just fables. In those lies were new highs. I needed to see the world through new eyes. 


I’m at a crossroads that seems more like a minefield. I mean I don’t mind leaving now but I mind leaving without a mark on my now. 


I’m at a crossroads. I hate nobody but I’m my biggest critic. My mind is the cage, the thin line between savage and civil. I’m at a crossroads.


What I thought I knew, I do not know. What I thought I wanted, I want no more. I’m at a crossroads. Pull the trigger, go somewhere bigger...or smaller. All that matters is that I fit in and stand out but in this life I know there’s no handouts. 


No time for time when you’re an impatient millennial. No time for patience, when you have no time for time. 


So I’ll just wait for my next crypto jackpot. We hope for the best but never give the best time. We hope for the best but never hope in time. 


Be patient with yourself. Be kind with yourself. Be in love with yourself.

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November 26, 2018

November 12, 2018

October 15, 2018

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